Original Hand Painted painting on canvas. Commissioned paintings in oil paint. Portrait,
landscape, still life.

Ceramic Art

A passionate feelings for clay. New Design and Various Glasure of My goods. Clay is a meditation that
everyone must feel.

Graphic Design

Screendesign für Print/Screen and Webdesign.
Content Management System WordPress

Purple lake

Ceramic Art

Graphic Design

This portal is an international online gallery of art, paintings, drawings and graphic design in various forms. Here you can submit your original, hand painted in oil or acrylic on canvas in various styles and formats (still life, nude, landscape, fantasy, Modern) order or commission.

I make up for oil painting according to individual wishes. I offer you, lovingly painted and detailed unconverted oil painting of your templates in the best quality. Immortalise your portrait, family, friends, pets, etc. with high quality artistic oil paints on primed canvas masterfully preserved.